Yuval Mandelovitzch

The only 'Pit' in the Middle East

Rescuing and rehabilitating the Pitbulls, the Rottweilers and other “dangerous” dogs


Dogs living on the farm


saved and rehabilitated dogs
Years of rescue activity

Yuval has been active since 2004 towards rescuing and rehabilitating dangerous dogs and is the only organization in Israel working for this cause.

This non-profit organization starts with search and rescue activities towards saving dogs from cruel and vicious dog-fights, quarantine pounds, abuse and negligent homes.

The dogs arrive to the rehabilitation farm, where they undergo a rehabilitating process which at the end are assessed to see adoption matches. The dogs that are found to be un-adoptable, as a result of not being able to overcome their horrific past, stay at the farm to grow old in a respective manner.

The rescue and rehabilitation process is accompanied by school informative activities and social projects focused on compassion and tolerance towards animals. Yuval undertakes assisting organizations such as the police, IDF, armed forces and more without any compensation.

Yuval deals with special rescue operations involving dogs from dogfights all over Israel including the West Bank and Palestinian territories. The farm includes dozens of dogs being rehabilitated that were rescued by Yuval from various areas.

Yuval continues to advocate for these dogs in any way possible. This organization, unlike other animal rescuing ones, is not funded by the government and does not receive money. This is the reason that the only way for this cause to survive is up to you- the donations and contributions. Yuval goes above and beyond to gather contributions towards supplies, food and medical care for the kids in the sanctuary.

Project of the Decade

During all those years, Yuval was forced to wander with his dogs, from apartment to apartment, to open fields and abandoned houses in the middle of forests, where he lived in poor conditions, slept outdoors, and struggled with the forces of nature, authorities and especially criminals.

After an extensive search, Yuval found a place in the Western Galilee, in which he is currently building what will be the largest farm for the rehabilitation of the "dangerous" breeds.

Construction of a permanent farm will enable the rescue of more dogs and give stability to Yuval's life's work.

The upcoming project will allow us to build the place so that it will last in all seasons, especially in the harsh winters. Building strong dwellings with concrete so that the ground will not be flooded, dwellings with insulation from heat and cold, shelter from rain / sun and in short – finally a suitable home for "the children" who have been wandering for many years.

Flesh and Blood Dogs

A documentary film about Yuval Mandelovitzch’s work for the “dangerous” dogs

Every Donation Helps

Your kind donations go towards veterinary treatments, dog food, building the rehabilitation farm, search, rescue and transportation..

For monthly or One-time donations
by Credit card or Debit card


For monthly or One-time donations
to the organization's account

"The organization for dangerous dogs"

Account number: 299420

Branch 470 | Mizrahi Tfahot Bank

IBAN: IL44 0204 7000 0000 0299 420


"The organization for dangerous dogs"

Account number: 299420

Branch 470 | Mizrahi Tfahot Bank

IBAN: IL44 0204 7000 0000 0299 420


תאור כלבלב

Interested to adopt one of our kids?

Please follow this link, fill out the form, and in the event you are a match to adopt we will contact you.

Remember that our kids have endured a difficult past and that is why we carefully examine every adoption before placement.

Adoptions are only possible for Israeli residents

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